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Puppy Application
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Phone #:
Website Address (if applicable)
Refered By:
Childrens Age:
Spouse Occupation:
Home Type:
If Other, please explain:
Home Arrangements:
Do any of your family members suffer from any allergies?
If yes, what are the allergic to?
Do you have a fenced yard?
Where will your dog live?
Inside Our Home
Backyard Kennel
If other, please explain:
Would the dog be left home alone for any periods of the day?
If yes, please explain and how many hours per day?
Where will the dog be kept while left alone, please explain?
Please list your current pets and age:
Are your current pets spayed or neutured?
Any additional comments on your pets?
Have you ever owned a dog in the past if you currently dont? Explain!
If you had previous pets, what happened to them?
If other, please explain:
What aspect of a dog is most important to you?
If other, please explain:
Do you prefer a male of female?
Color Preference?
How would you like to receive your puppy?
If not picking up your puppy, are you willing to pay for expenses to ship your puppy?
In what time do you want a puppy?
What is your families activity level?
What activities do you plan to do with your puppy?
Plans for when your puppy is an Adult?
Are you prepared for the responsibilities of a giant breed?
What type of food do you intend to feed as a puppy and adult?
Would you object feeding recommendations by the breeder?
How much responsibility will your child be given for the new puppy? (skip if not applicable)
Who will be the primary caretaker?
Are you willing and able to provide socialization for the puppy? Explain how!
What type of training do you plan to do with your new puppy now and in the future? Check ALL that apply!
Lure Coursing
Obedience (home training)
Obedience (competition)
Obedience (pricate lessons)
Obedience (group lessons)
Puppy Kindergarten
Cart pulling
Please list two(2) personal references with phone number/city/state:
Please list a veterinary reference with a phone number, city/state:
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