Hess' Country Mastiff's - Company Message
Welcome to Hess' Country Mastiff's!!
I would like to start off by saying my name is Matt Hess and I appreciate you stopping by to visit with my mastiffs!!
I started with my first mastiff in 2004, which her name was . She was a very laid back and easy going mastiff, which matched my personality as well! I knew at that time I would be wanting to get another, but a little later in life.
My first show dog was ! She and I began conformation classes in 2010 to learn how to properly show. We began to like the shows and it all kind of took off from there.
I purchased my first show quality boy in 2011, which is Chamberlain! He and I began going to class so I could get him acclimated to new surroundings. I have been showing him since he was 6 months old!!
We live out in the country in Southeastern Indiana and we really like it because the dogs have plenty of room to run and enjoy themselves. By living in the country we have no worries of  heavy road traffic, therefore our dogs can roam the yard freely without many worries!!
Thanks for taking to time to visit and to view my dogs!!

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